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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Amazing Camping Food- Part 2

Ah... nothing like the great outdoors! Your lungs filling with fresh air, the smell of the forest, and chicken roasting over an open fire (or was that chesnuts??)....
Regardless, it's dinner time! We went to the store and found chicken on sale, so we decided to roast some chicken in the campfire. Yum yum.
This is so so easy, and this method can be used to roast or bake so many things in the fire, from chicken to sandwiches to potatoes to dessert (as you will see in my next post). The name of this method? "Wrap-it-in-tin-foil-and-chuck-it-in-the-fire." Seriously, it's that simple.
Of course, to elaborate on that method, you can add herbs and seasonings, aromatics (garlic, onions etc), and stuff that melts (cheese, chocolate) before you wrap it and chuck it in the fire, during the process, or after it's done. The end result? Perfect camping food. Just remember, do not literally chuck it into the fire... try to avoid the direct flame whenever possible or the result won't be as pleasant.
Anyway, back to the chicken....

Fire Roasted Chicken Thighs
Serves 3 hungry campers

9 chicken thighs
Drizzle of Olive Oil
4 cloves of Garlic
1 large Red onion, cut into wedges (8 pieces)
2 tbsp Dried Herbs
Salt and Pepper

Place chicken thighs on a large piece of tin foil (depending on how big your fire pit is, you might want to divide the thighs onto 2 or 3 pieces of tin foil to make the packages easier to place and handle in the fire).

Rub the chicken thighs with olive oil. Then rub with salt, pepper and mixed herbs. Place garlic cloves and quartered red onion on the tin foil with the chicken. Close up the tin foil into tight, leak proof packages. You may need to use another layer of tin foil just to be sure.

Place the tin foil packages at the edge of the fire. Do not place them directly in the flame. The goal is not to burn them to a crisp, but to roast them slowly with the heat from the fire. After about 40 minutes, remove the tin foil packages from the fire. Open and check that the chicken is cooked (juices should run clear when you cut into the thigh meat next to the bone).


  1. That would make a delicious meal.

  2. These look great. I just love the outdoors

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