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Friday, November 13, 2009

Simple Roasted Red Pepper Hummus with Baked Pita Chips

So sorry everyone for not posting for a while. Been busy moving house (finally out of the hotel!!!) and stocking my kitchen with all things delicious!

In times like these, quick and easy to make foods are key. On top of that, healthy and vitamin rich food is important, especially during times of stress (i.e. moving).

Today, I went to the beautiful outdoor fruit and veggie market to pick up some fresh produce. When I got home, despite all of the delicious goodies in my bag, I was too tired to make much of an effort. So, I made this fast and tasty dip and served it with healthy homebaked pita chips and carrot sticks (but you could serve it with whatever cut up veggies you like).

It was just what the doctor ordered. Full of flavor, but also packed with nutrients. And the veggies and chips gave that nice, satisfying crunch! This would also be a great stress free party snack, or a healthy alternative to chips when relaxing on the couch. It can be made ahead, as the flavors only get better with time.

Simple Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
Makes about 3 cups

2 Red Peppers, Whole
2 Cloves Garlic
1 Handful Fresh Flat Leaf Parsley
1 can Chick Peas (with liquid)
Juice of 1 Lemon
Salt and Pepper to taste
Drizzle of Olive Oil

First, roast the peppers. If you want to skip this step, you can used drained jarred peppers, but I think roasting them yourself is so easy. Just rub both of the peppers with olive oil and place over an open gas flame until blackened on all sides. If you don't have a gas burner, you can also place them in the oven on broil, turning until blackened on all sides. Once they are roasted, place them in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap. This will make them easier to peel by steaming the skins off! After a couple of minutes, remove the skin, core and seeds of the peppers and tear into large chunks.

Then, you will just puree all the ingredients together, either by using a blender or a stick blender. It's that easy! Put the garlic, parsley, roasted peppers, lemon juice and chick peas into a blender jar and puree until smooth. Add salt and pepper to taste, and serve with a drizzle of olive oil.

Baked Pita Chips
Make as many as you like!

These are so simple and healthy and a great alternative to fried packaged chips. Just cut your pita (or arabic bread which is what I use being in the middle east) into triangles by first cutting them into semi circles and then into triangles (like cutting a pizza).

You will see that this creates 2 triangles on top of each other. Gently pull these apart to create 2 chips.

Spray a baking sheet with some olive oil and lay the chips in 1 layer. Spray the chips with olive oil and bake in a 200 degree oven for 5-8 minutes until the chips are crisp and golden. Enjoy!


  1. OMG this looks so delicious. I hope I get to try it one day soon :)

  2. I like the addition of the red pepper, the combination must be good.

  3. That looks absolutely delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

  4. Looks so delicious! And great to pair with baked pita chips. Thanks for sharing. Cheers.